What Is A Gingivectomy? Can I Get One In College Station, TX?

a gum disease patient holding his jaw in pain

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Gum disease is a serious issue many people face. Waiting for treatment can cause gum disease to get worse and cause more damage. Luckily there is an answer in College Station, TX, a gingivectomy. This is the longest proven way to remove gum disease.

Here is how a gingivectomy could help eliminate gum disease.


Why Treat Gum Disease?

Gum disease, known in the medical world as gingivitis, is an infectious disease impacting the gums. When the gums become infected, they inflame and cause the tooth structures to shift around. This can cause teeth to decay, become damaged, or even fall out.

That is why gum disease should be treated as quickly as possible! Further treatment of missing teeth or damaged teeth can be even more costly than a gingivectomy. Healthy gums can also further reduce one’s risk for cavities or other diseases, allow for easier chewing and swallowing, minimize the possibility of gum recession, and restore confidence!

The Reliable Treatment For Gum Disease – Gingivectomy

Whilst there are a growing number of ways to treat gingivitis, a gingivectomy is still the most reliable way to guarantee the removal of gum disease and the restoration of oral health. That’s because gingivectomies have been around for years and have long-term proven results.

This procedure works by removing part of the inflamed gum to get to the infection site and remove the infection. It does require minor surgery and can take some time to get done. This procedure can also be a way to lengthen crowns and give a more appealing smile if one so desires.

Once removed, the gum disease is gone, and the patient should not struggle with any issues related to it! There may be soreness for a few weeks after the procedure. Overall, however, the patient will no longer have a gummy smile and can go back to living life free of gum disease!


Scheduling Your Gingivectomy

If you or a loved one is struggling with gum disease, struggle no longer with this procedure! At Radiant in College Station, TX, we work hard to exceed your expectations by providing the highest quality care in the region. Our excellent doctors, Dr. Michael Reece and Dr. Ryan Jouette have handled many gum diseases cases successfully and have gone above and beyond in providing quality care.

Get in contact with Dr. Michael Reece and Dr. Ryan Jouette, in our Radiant Exceptional Dentistry office to schedule an appointment today! Radiant is always taking on new clients to help bring smiles back to everyone’s lives.

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