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Whether you’re suffering from severe tooth pain, an impacted wisdom tooth (third molar), or missing teeth and associated bone loss, our team blends exceptional clinical care with compassion to restore your smile and life. At Radiant Exceptional Dentistry in Bryan–College Station, TX, you’ll be treated by a team with extensive expertise providing a full spectrum of comfortable and effective oral surgery. Our practice setting is soothing and ultra-modern, and we offer several types of sedation to further alleviate any fear and anxiety. We also offer leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF), an advanced 100% natural technique that utilizes a blood draw from you to promote quicker healing after procedures such as bone grafting and dental implant surgery. When placed in surgical sites, L-PRF releases your body’s natural healing proteins, thereby creating a more efficient network for cells to enhance the healing process. Since dental problems often get worse when left untreated, we encourage you to schedule an oral surgery consultation as soon as possible to avoid costlier, more complex procedures later.

Common Reasons for Oral Surgery

Fearless, Soothing Sedation

According to the American Dental Association, fear and anxiety prevent more than 60 million Americans from seeing a dentist. If you suffer from dental anxiety, rest assured our team goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort. You can choose oral sedation in the form of pills taken prior to your appointment or IV sedation administered at our office during your procedure. We also offer NuCalmâ, a revolutionary and safe drug-free technology that safely alleviates patient fear and anxiety. Its patent-pending technology addresses midbrain activities responsible for producing stress and anxiety by naturally mimicking communication pathways used to prepare your body for sleep.


Common Oral Surgery Procedures


Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is performed in our Bryan–College Station, TX location to prevent bone recession or to replace bone associated with tooth loss/extraction or periodontal disease. When a tooth is lost and isn’t replaced, your jawbone begins to resorb or deteriorate. Without healthy bone to surround a dental implant, the implant may not be stable enough to support a tooth crown and the risk of failure is high. Our team has expertise performing different bone grafting procedures based on your unique case and oral needs. The material used to create a bone graft can be obtained from a variety of sources, including you or a donor. After the sutures are in place, the area is allowed to heal for a few months to let the bone grafting material and jawbone integrate.  


Sinus Lift

The maxillary sinuses are located behind the cheeks and on top of your upper teeth. The sinuses are hollow, and the bone separating your mouth from the sinus cavity is typically quite thin. When a tooth in the upper jaw is lost, it is often difficult to replace it with a dental implant because the bone is inadequate. A sinus lift procedure involves opening your sinus cavity and lifting the sinus membrane. A bone graft is then placed under the membrane, where it integrates with your jawbone over a period of several months. Once the graft has healed, dental implants can be placed.


Ridge Augmentation

The alveolar ridge bones are two jaw ridges that surround and support your teeth, while the alveolus is the small socket that holds your tooth roots. After a tooth is lost, this socket remains open before slowly filling in with natural tissue. In some cases, this area doesn’t fill in and the bone deteriorates or loses density. Ridge augmentation is sometimes done immediately following tooth extraction to reduce the risk of severe bone loss. During this procedure, the bony ridge of the jaw is surgically opened, then bone grafting material is inserted into the open space to contour and reshape it. Your gums are then carefully sutured over the area to promote proper healing.


Dental Implant Surgery

Whether you have missing teeth due to periodontal disease, cavities, injury or any other reason, dental implants are considered the gold standard tooth replacement solution. Dental implants consist of a titanium post that replaces the natural root, an abutment that serves as a stable connector between the implant and the crown, and a new crown/tooth crafted from zirconia. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants are anchored solidly into your jawbone, effectively stopping any further bone loss, enhancing future growth, and providing a firm foundation for the rest of your life. At Radiant Exceptional Dentistry, our implant dentists have vast expertise placing dental implants, including Teeth in 1 Day™ . This innovative solution streamlines the tooth replacement process and eliminates the many problems associated with missing teeth or traditional dentures.

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