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A Visually Prettier Path to Straight Teeth

Many people say a great smile is what they remember most when meeting someone for the first time. When you have straight teeth, you’re more likely to smile with confidence and experience less oral health issues. If you’re looking to improve any cosmetic aspects of your smile, but you’re putting off orthodontic treatment because you don’t like the idea of metal braces, clear braces in Bryan–College Station, TX may be the perfect solution.

An innovative technique now being offered by Dr. Reece and Dr. Jouett, Six Month Smiles® is the comfortable short-term solution to traditional braces. Instead of using unsightly metal and wires that you typically have to wear for 2 years or more, Dr. Reece and Dr. Jouett will use Adult Cosmetic Braces, including clear braces and tooth-colored wires, to help create your perfect smile … in only six months on average! Where most adults wouldn’t even consider conventional orthodontics, this practical option can give you your dream smile in time for your wedding, spring break, reunion, graduation, or the first day at your new job! With available third-party financing to help make this option more affordable, the team at Radiant Exceptional Dentistry welcomes you to schedule a consultation today to see if you qualify for this clearly more comfortable option!

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Six Month Smiles Advantages

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Our Clear Braces Treatment

During your first appointment, our team in Bryan–College Station, TX will perform an exam to see if you’re a candidate for Six Month Smiles. If your teeth and gums are healthy and we determine this innovative solution will result in cosmetic improvements, we’ll take impressions of your teeth. These impressions are then sent to Six Month Smiles, and the company sends back customized patient tray kits. The kit contains brackets that have been prepositioned by a trained technician and set in bonding trays. After your braces are placed, we’ll monitor the progress of your treatment once a month and make minor adjustments to keep everything on track. In general, this process requires five to seven adjustments. After your smile goals are attained, alignment is maintained by wearing a retainer at night.

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Orthodontics from Trained Cosmetic Dentists

While clear braces are the right solution for most patients with crooked teeth, clear braces aren’t ideal for some individuals with complex bite or alignment problems. Our trained and experienced dentists are fully capable of assessing your orthodontic treatment, and have years of experience helping patients fix their misaligned teeth. They also possess the skill to determine if this method or conventional metal braces will provide the most optimal long-term outcomes.

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The Clear Advantage

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The Celebrity Choice

Adult Cosmetic Braces have been used by celebrities including Tom Cruise

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Beautiful Results

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Easy Financing

The Affordable Alternative

Short Term Orthodontics is reasonably priced, less than the cost of conventional braces, and effective. Not only can Six Month Smiles give you the smile you’ve been wanting in a practical amount of time, but with straight teeth you can clean your teeth easier, have better periodontal health, and correct deep bites and minor cross bites. Our patients enjoy being in our mature environment and not surrounded by the children and teens that are usually found in conventional orthodontic offices.

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