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Turning Your Stained teeth To Pearly Whites

Do you feel dissatisfied with the color of your teeth and want to make them look like Hollywood pearly whites? Dr. Reece and Dr. Jouett can erase years of stains from your teeth and will leave you with a dazzling white smile with our teeth whitening options. At Radiant Exceptional Dentistry, we have two options to whiten your teeth. With our custom take-home teeth whitening trays with professional-grade gel, you can touch up your smile at home with in just a few treatments. Some patients prefer to use the take-home kits instead of spending time in the dentist. However, if you prefer a one and done treatment option, we provide an in-office treatment option.

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Get Truly Dazzling White Teeth!

If you’re tired of looking at less than pearly white teeth, you’re not alone. Discolored or stained teeth are a very common problem. Although smoking, coffee and tea, and chewing tobacco are the worst offenders, many foods, medications, age, and even genetics can discolor teeth. Whether you’re simply tired of having less than dazzling white teeth, or you want to look your best for a job interview or special event, you’ve come to the right place! At Radiant Exceptional Dentistry, we offer affordable office-based teeth whitening in Bryan–College Station, TX that can brighten your teeth by multiple shades in just one visit. We’ve helped countless people get a radiantly bright smile with either amazingly efficient in-office treatment or customized take-home trays.
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Comparing Teeth Whitening Solutions

Have you been disappointed by over the counter (OTC) teeth whiteners? The truth is, OTC products may brighten your teeth, but they won’t provide significant or long-lasting results. Furthermore, while reputable OTC products are generally safe when used as directed, multiple applications can result in gum sensitivity and potential damage to tooth enamel. In almost all cases, results may take weeks or even months to be noticeable, and the change may be minimal. Professional teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure among celebrities … and among our patients, too!

Why Should I Go to the Dentist for Teeth Whitening?

No other teeth whitening solution provides the instantaneous and dramatic results in just a few hours as that of our professional teeth whitening services at Radiant Exceptional Dentistry. The professional-grade bleaching agents found in our whitening solutions soak deep into your tooth enamel, to remove internal as well as surface-level stains. Additionally, most patients report that they did not experience any tooth or gum sensitivity during or after their whitening session. Our cosmetic dentist helps you choose the most complementary shade and monitor your treatment for the best possible results. Generally, if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine, professional cleanings, and minimize teeth-staining foods and beverages, your teeth have the potential to remain noticeably white long-term! If your smile needs a boost, call Radiant Exceptional Dentistry today to schedule your teeth whitening treatment!

Reece & Jouett Radiant Exceptional Dentistry
Reece & Jouett Radiant Exceptional Dentistry
Reece & Jouett Radiant Exceptional Dentistry

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